How to See Videos On Facebook App

How To See Videos On Facebook App - I have actually never uploaded a video clip to Facebook on my own account, however, for my Uncle, on his account. To date, I have actually posted 217 videos for him. He is among those people that, despite the amount of times I reveal him or write out the directions, simply can't appear to figure it out for himself, or does not try. Regardless of-- menstruation of relatives.

I'm presuming below that you have a video clip on your computer to upload and also locate to your account on Facebook.

How To See Videos On Facebook App

Finding Your Videos on Facebook
Facebook does not make it apparent where to seek your video clips. Click on your name throughout the top.

Then, on your timeline, Click on Photos ...

... then Cds ...

... and also you ought to see one there classified Video clips The 217-part of this screenshot is from my Uncle's since I do not have any kind of video clips posted.

Publish Those Videos
First a few notes ...

- You need to be the copyright proprietor. If you post copyrighted product, the video clip will be removed. If you continue to upload copyrighted products, your Facebook account might be removed. If you like somebody's video, either share it, or just publish a connect to it.
- Video clips need to be under 20 mins long and also under 1GB in size
- Facebook appears to be able to deal with several styles like, flv, mp4, avi, and so forth ...

So, log right into Facebook.

At the top of the web page you'll see the choice to Add Photos/Video. Clicking on that opens a box for you to locate your video clips on your hard drive.

Click the video clip you want to publish and then on Open. This takes you back to Facebook as well as you'll see a thumbnail sight in a box similar to right here:

Where it is created, Say something regarding this video ..., simply click there and also state something concerning your video clip-- date, event, that's in it, reason for posting, whatever you desire. You don't have to kind anything there; this is optional.

You can set the video clip for Public watching, or simply Buddies, by clicking on the button down by the Blue Message button, or just click on heaven Article button to publish it to Facebook.

If you alter your mind before you post, you could move your arrow over the Thumbnail Sight and also a tiny white 'X' appears in the corner. Clicking on that will remove it.

It's as straightforward as that. By the way, this coincides procedure for posting photos, too.

I hope this serves to a person!!