Remove Photo From Facebook

Remove Photo From Facebook - So recently, I published 2 cover pictures to my Facebook web page so I can see which one looked much better. After deciding which cover image I intended to utilize, I couldn't identify ways to delete the one I really did not wish to utilize. I recognize cover photos are intend to be public, however I do not see why I shouldn't be able to remove cover pictures that aren't active. I searched around a little bit and nobody had a great answer that revealed me ways to erase a cover image.

So I made a decision to see if I can navigate this by seeing just how photos are usually removed. To erase a picture nowadays, it appears you have to click on Edit Album > Edit Photos and beneath each picture is a Delete checkbox.

Remove Photo From Facebook

On my Cover Photos album, I was missing the Edit Albums web link.
Turns out if you can reach your Edit Photos web page for your Cover Photos, you CAN erase your cover pictures!

Right here's what you'll should do:
1. Find a functioning Edit Photos link by entering into any kind of image album (apart from your Cover Photos), click on Edit Cd as well as best click Edit Photos and replicate the web link. It should look something like:

2. Next off go to your Cover Photos cd and bear in mind of the URL. It needs to look something like:

3. What you should do now is modify the Edit Photos web link you got from action 1 and also with information you entered step 2. Notification the st154 in my situation) and also replace the # after
help= in the web link from stering of numbers in the middle of the LINK from action 2. Break them apart at each dot so they look something like:

Take the 2nd # (815154 in my case) as well as change the # after help= in the web link from action 1.

The resulting LINK you would get must look like:

4. Go into that LINK into your browser and also you should currently be able to remove photos from your Cover Photos cd.

To erase a profile photo, you would do the exact same thing, but as opposed to making use of the URL from your Cover Photos cd, you would certainly use the LINK from your Account Photo album.

Delight in!