Facebook New Cover Photo Dimensions

Facebook New Cover Photo Dimensions - The web page cover is a fantastic method to personalize your personal or public Facebook page. It is the big image that is displayed in the header of all Facebook pages and profiles. The specific Facebook Web page cover measurements have changed a great deal of times throughout the years. Particularly the placement of the switches as well as account photo over the cover picture can be bothersome. The header is not responsive, so it does not range with the screen. Nevertheless, it is presented in different ways on the app as well as mobile site.

Facebook New Cover Photo Dimensions

Facebook cover measurements
The total size of the cover is 828x313px. The web page title, alternatives and also account image are (partly) showed over the photo, so keep this in mind when creating your image. In our design template you will certainly see where they are located. Maintain your important web content far from them, or incorporate them with your style!

Mobile web site and also app
The header is shown differently throughout platforms, with variants in the positioning of page choices as well as page title. The full height of the photo is always shown, however the image is just as cut off on both the left and ideal side to fit the size of the screen.

On the mobile site, 145px is cut off from each side. In the app, this is 155px (at the very least it is on Windows Phone). The lower half of the photo is basically booked for various variants of showing the web page title, account photo and page choices.

It is very difficult to develop an image that works well across platforms, so this requires some trial and error!

Various Other Image Dimensions:

Profile photo: minimum dimension 180 × 180 pixels. If the photo is not square, you will certainly have the chance to chop it to a square, just be conscious on just how you chop it, that you do not cut out part of the logo design which it does not look unpleasant.

Cover photo: 851w x 315h pixels. Once again, you will have the chance to crop an image to fit, yet if you intended to create a customized layout, those are the dimensions. One point to bear in mind is if the picture is over 100kb, it will certainly show up a little bit altered as well as blurred, so make sure to keep your cover photos under 100kb. Additionally bear in mind that the profile image will block part of the cover photo, so layout accordingly.

Tab photo: 111w x74h pixels.

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