How to Delete Facebook Messages

How To Delete Facebook Messages - Great deals of people question: ways to erase Facebook messages? Or, even, can you remove Facebook messages? Somehow, deleting Facebook messages doesn't seem straightforward to some. However erasing messages on Facebook is actually very very easy. Actually, you could also delete all Facebook messages with just a few clicks. (As well as be clear, Facebook chat messages coincide point as Facebook messages, as you will certainly see, so indeed, you could remove Facebook chat messages, also.) Here's just how.

How To Delete Facebook Messages

First, a lot of individuals obtain puzzled since they don't realize that Facebook Conversation is basically the exact same point as Facebook Messages-- it's just in a different kind. So this:

is for all useful purposes simply a various presentation style of this:


So the first thing to do is to go into your messages area on Facebook-- this is done through the 'talk bubble' icon in the upper-left or upper-right hand edge of your Facebook screen:

Clicking on that talk bubble will certainly offer you a fall food selection of your latest messages. Click "See All" to head to the real message area on Facebook:

This takes you to the location where you could see every one of your messages:

Currently, this is the time to keep in mind that Facebook calls each conversation in between you and an additional Facebook customer (or users, for a group conversation) a, well, "Discussion". The specific messages within each conversation are each called a "Message". So when you are discussing removing messages, you are discussing deleting each specific message within the discussion. (Don't worry, you could delete the entire conversation simultaneously, also.).

The key to all this is click the "Actions" menu, in the top left of the Conversations/ Messages section:.

This will certainly offer you a drop-down menu with a number of alternatives, including "Erase Messages", "Remove Conversation", as well as, if you want archiving the discussion instead of deleting it, "Archive".

If you wish to delete the whole discussion, just click "Remove Conversation"-- you will get a pop-up caution you that if you delete the conversation, it can not be reversed (as well as they suggest it).

Conversely, if you want to cherry-pick which messages in the discussion you want to delete, click on "Remove Messages", and the messages within the conversation will certainly show a little checkbox to the left of each message:.

Inspect the checkbox next to the messages you wish to erase, as well as click "Erase":.

and they will amazingly disappear!

Clicking on "Archive" will certainly make the entire discussion go away, however you will certainly still have the ability to locate it by mosting likely to your "Archived" folder from the dropdown menu noted "Even more" in the upper left of the screen.

Happy erasing!