How to Know who is Following You On Facebook

How To Know Who Is Following You On Facebook - I wish to know how many of my friends follow me on Facebook. I have searched for my profile on other peoples Facebook accounts and aim to go to to my account through a computer system for room but I still am not able to discover the amount of fans I have.

How To Know Who Is Following You On Facebook

How do I see that is following me?
If you've allowed individuals to follow you, you could see a list of your fans:

1. Go to your account.
2. Click Buddies listed below your cover picture.
3. Click Fans. If no one is following you yet, you won't see this choice.

Below's a screenshot:

You can directly access the web page at this URI:

Presuming you have the' fans' attribute
allowed, you can see your checklist of followers by clicking the 'followers' tab from your Timeline, under the 'Pals' section:.

It's likewise available at

On Facebook, somebody is following me besides my friends and clicking the number of

my followers on my web page, brings me to a page for which a look for words Adhere to comes up with no outcomes( i.e. no referrals to the word, "Follow "or "Follower "or" Following "etc. on the page).


That is just not real. When you click on the fans web link, all it does it return you to your good friends checklist. The exact same applies when you make use of username/followers- all it does is bounce you to your good friends checklist. I have actually had other people try and verify this.<-- not does anything however return you to your Buddies listing.

Maybe the individual following you also has you blocked or something, which would certainly make that a bug in Facebook's user interface for showing you the '1 follower', yet i can't reproduce the issue of the view itself.