How to Remove Your Phone Number From Facebook

How To Remove Your Phone Number From Facebook - So I made a new Facebook because my old one had a lot of buddies and also it was obtaining aggravating, as well as I really did not intend to erase them one at a time so I just made a new one. Once I made the brand-new one, it let me use it for concerning 3 days, after that the one day I mosted likely to check in as well as it was at the checkpoint confirmation. So I attempted to use my telephone number however it really did not function due to the fact that I currently have it on my other facebook. I tried to remove it from my old account, and it disappeared and also things, however it still won't let me utilize it for my new one. Why ???! It's the only number I have! And I don't wish to keep my old one, all individuals do on there is spam and also send me dumb messages.

Please no silly answers as well as do not tell me "Simply keep your old one" or "Just remove it facebook is" since obviously I wouldn't have actually asked this if I wanted to do among those.
as well as I know you cant have greater than 1 account, but I was going to remove my phone number on old facebook.

How To Remove Your Phone Number From Facebook

Delete or Get Rid Of Phone Number on Fcaebook
1. Click the little white arrowhead on heaven line, top of web page
2. 2nd alternative down on the list is Account Setups.
3. Click Account settings then on the left hand side you will see Mobile third from bottom.
4. Click Mobile
5. Click "Remove"

Note: you must offered an email or other phone number should attached to you facebook account

1. First you go to your Timeline
2. Click Around
3. Click Call and Basic Details
4. You could see your telephone number it's right side "Click Edit" choice Then Select "Get rid of" as well as save change.

I do not have mine on there so I think I removed it at some time for security reasons.
Best of luck! Hope it functions.