How to See whos Been Looking at Your Facebook Profile

How To See Whos Been Looking At Your Facebook Profile - No mounting, downloading and install or external applications called for, a fast as well as relativity basic method to see the buddies or fb customers that have actually watched your profile in the last One Month - it's likewise completely anonymous.

Note: this just functions if your privacy settings allow your profile to receive search results page, which are the defaults. Also Facebook do update and transform their website constantly, so cannot guarantee this will still operate in the future.

In this demo I'm using Chrome, yet it can be done in any kind of web browser.

How To See Whos Been Looking At Your Facebook Profile

1. Go to your account, right click anywhere as well as press "View page resource"

2. Press Ctrl+ F and get in the complying with code
Press Ctrl+ F or most likely to your web browsers find food selection, paste in the bar this: ([ A-Z0-9. _ u0025+-] +.
It must return one result, regarding 20% of the method down the page.

3. Locate the listing of ID's of the customers that watched your account.
Around 4 lines below the line you have actually just located making use of Ctrl+ F, you will certainly see a lengthy list of numbers, surrounded with "" and separated by commas. Each of these is an ID for a Facebook individual that has just recently gotten on your profile.

Select a number (by double clicking it), be sure to just choose the number as well as no spelling, overlook the -2 that follows the ID. Then duplicate this number to your clip board (Ctrl+ C).

4. Figure out which of your good friends this ID represents.
Finally you can find out that this Facebook customer is by mosting likely to: OF USER)
without the ( ).

5. Done!
Finally the profile of the individual that saw your account ought to be displayed, you can do this for each of the ID's in the listing.

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