Merge Two Facebook Pages with Different Names

Merge Two Facebook Pages With Different Names - Let's claim you develop a Follower Web page as well as your business merges with an additional one. Or let's state among your company areas shuts and also you wish to transfer those fans over to your primary business page. You have actually spent years accumulating your fan base and also the last thing you wish to do is alienate the people who you functioned so hard to make the depend on and also commitment of. A great tip that Facebook does not truly publicize that much is the best ways to combine 2 or even more Facebook pages with each other.

Below you will certainly discover written step-by-step directions as well as a video tutorial (see below) on how you can combine Facebook Pages. Considering that Facebook is continuously transforming their plans as well as procedures we do not know how long this feature will certainly last but let's use it while we've got it!

Merge Two Facebook Pages With Different Names

Actions To Follow When Combining Facebook Pages
Merging Facebook Pages is much easier than you think, so merely comply with these easy steps and also you'll have transferred your followers over effortlessly in no time at all.

1. First you must be a manager-level admin of both Pages you wish to merge. This option is only readily available for Pages that cover the same topic and have comparable names.
2. Establish to your Primary Page-- the "Primary Web page" is the web page that you intend to combine various other older pages with.

KEEP IN MIND: This web page must have extra suches as compared to any second pages you will be merging with the Primary Web page. If you do not have extra likes on the Primary Web page, then take into consideration maintaining the web page with even more likes as well as altering the name or components to function as the Key Page as well as merging the web page with fewer sorts to the page with more sort.

In our instance in the video below we have "Exploring Life's Mysteries" ad our Main Web page. It has 290 Likes. The additional web page we intend to combine it with is called "On Thai Time" and it has 36 Likes. So in this situation the Main Web page does have even more sort than the additional web page so we are fine to proceed to the following action.

3. Most likely to the Old Page that you wish to merge with the Main Web page. Under the admin panel go to "Edit Web page" after that "Update Information.".
4. Update the Old Web page name as well as username to something much like the Primary Page you desire to combine it with. Either by making it plural or putting a 2 at the end of it. This will certainly help Facebook understand that you have duplicate web pages. If you're combining Pages with an area, they should have the exact same address info also.

In our example, "On Thai Time" is not close sufficient to the web page we wish to merge it with "Exploring Life's Mysteries" so we transformed the username to "ExploringLifesMysteries2" as well as the web page name to "Exploring Life Mysteries."

5. The next step is very important. Before you combine web pages you will certainly wish to see to it that all the materials from the old page (info, bio, pictures, wall surface articles, web links) are backed up or archived someplace.

NOTE: Once you merge web pages, you can not reverse it and all photos, web links and also posts from the old web page will be completely erased. The only point that will move over to the new web page will certainly be individuals that liked the old web page.

6. Repeat steps 2 through 4 till all web pages you desire to merge are updated with comparable names, usernames, addresses (if essential) and all information is backed up.
7. Now, from the top of the Web page you intend to keep (your Key Web page), click EDIT WEB PAGE, select EDIT SETTINGS, click MERGE PAGES, and also click MERGE MATCH PAGES. Click to examine the box next to the merging Web page. Click MERGE PAGES. If you do not see the combine Pages alternative, it suggests that your Pages can not be combined currently.

NOTE: If you have overlapping followers they will certainly not count as 2 sorts so the rise in sort will rely on how many overlapping followers you lave./ Instance, if Page A has 200 followers as well as Page B has 50 followers, and you combine you will not always have 250 followers, but as many as 250./.

For those of you still having trouble, below are the steps that you need to take to merge Facebook pages. We realize Facebook isn't really always 100% working as well as there are sometimes twists however if you adhere to these couple of actions, you need to have the ability to combine your pages in a snap!

Firstly, you need to a manager-level admin of both Pages you intend to combine and both pages must have similar names. You can simply transform the name to be something comparable if it's not currently. Then, utilizing Facebook as on your own (not as your Web page). From the top of the Web page you intend to MAINTAIN, click EDIT PAGE. Then pick EDIT SETTINGS and also choose MERGE WEB PAGES and click REQUEST TO COMBINE REPLICATE PAGES then fill out the kind and also click SEND. Remember the page with the most followers will be maintained and the various other one will be removed. Hope that helps and happy merging!