Merge Two Facebook Pages

Merge Two Facebook Pages - Let's say you develop a Fan Web page as well as your organisation merges with another one. Or allow's claim one of your business locations closes and also you want to move those followers over to your main business page. You've invested years building up your fan base and the last thing you want to do is push away individuals that you functioned so tough to gain the trust and commitment of. A great idea that Facebook does not actually publicize that much is ways to merge 2 or more Facebook pages with one another.

Here you will certainly locate written detailed guidelines and also a video clip tutorial (see listed below) on ways to combine Facebook Pages. Considering that Facebook is continuously transforming their policies and procedures we aren't sure how long this feature will last but allow's utilize it while we have actually got it!

Merge Two Facebook Pages

Steps To Follow When Merging Facebook Pages
Combining Facebook Pages is less complicated than you think, so just adhere to these very easy steps as well as you'll have moved your followers over flawlessly in no time.

1. First you must be a manager-level admin of both Pages you intend to combine. This choice is only readily available for Pages that cover the same topic and also have comparable names.
2. Establish to your Primary Page-- the "Main Page" is the page that you intend to combine other older pages with.

NOTE: This web page needs to have much more likes than any type of secondary pages you will be combining with the Main Web page. If you do not have a lot more suches as on the Primary Web page, then think about keeping the page with even more sort and also changing the name or contents to act as the Main Page and also merging the web page with fewer likes to the page with even more likes.

In our instance in the video clip listed below we have "Checking out Life's Mysteries" advertisement our Key Page. It has 290 Likes. The second web page we wish to combine it with is called "On Thai Time" and also it has 36 Likes. So in this instance the Primary Web page does have more likes than the secondary web page so we are fine to continue to the next action.

3. Most likely to the Old Web page that you wish to merge with the Primary Page. Under the admin panel most likely to "Modify Web page" then "Update Details.".
4. Update the Old Page name and also username to something much like the Main Web page you want to merge it with. Either by making it plural or placing a 2 at the end of it. This will certainly aid Facebook understand that you have duplicate web pages. If you're combining Pages with a place, they should have the exact same address information too.

In our example, "On Thai Time" is not close enough to the web page we want to merge it with "Exploring Life's Mysteries" so we altered the username to "ExploringLifesMysteries2" and also the web page name to "Exploring Life Mysteries."

5. The next action is essential. Before you merge web pages you will intend to make sure that the materials from the old web page (details, bio, photos, wall articles, web links) are backed up or archived somewhere.

NOTE: When you merge pages, you could not undo it and all images, web links and also articles from the old web page will certainly be permanently removed. The only point that will certainly transfer over to the new web page will certainly be individuals that suched as the old page.

6. Repeat actions 2 with 4 up until all pages you desire to merge are upgraded with similar names, usernames, addresses (if needed) and all data is backed up.
7. Currently, from the top of the Web page you wish to keep (your Main Page), click EDIT PAGE, select EDIT SETTINGS, click MERGE PAGES, as well as click MERGE MATCH PAGES. Click to examine the box alongside the combining Web page. Click MERGE PAGES. If you do not see the combine Pages option, it means that your Pages can't be combined at this time.

NOTE: If you have overlapping followers they will not count as two sorts so the increase in likes will rely on the number of overlapping fans you lave./ Instance, if Web page A has 200 followers as well as Page B has 50 followers, and you merge you will certainly not necessarily have 250 followers, yet as numerous as 250./.

For those of you still having difficulty, right here are the actions that you should require to merge Facebook web pages. We recognize Facebook isn't really always 100% working as well as there are often twists but if you comply with these few steps, you should be able to combine your pages quickly!

First of all, you have to a manager-level admin of both Pages you want to combine as well as both pages need to have comparable names. You can just alter the name to be something comparable if it's not already. After that, using Facebook as on your own (not as your Web page). From the top of the Web page you want to MAINTAIN, click on EDIT WEB PAGE. After that select EDIT SETUPS and choose MERGE WEB PAGES as well as click REQUEST TO MERGE DUPLICATE PAGES after that submit the kind as well as click SEND. Bear in mind the web page with the most followers will be kept as well as the various other one will certainly be deleted. Hope that helps as well as pleased merging!