How Do I View Videos On Facebook

How Do I View Videos On Facebook - I have actually never posted a video to Facebook on my own account, but also for my Uncle, on his account. To this day, I have actually uploaded 217 videos for him. He is just one of those people who, regardless of the amount of times I reveal him or write out the instructions, simply can't appear to figure it out for himself, or doesn't attempt. Despite-- menstruation of family members.

I'm thinking below that you have a video clip on your computer system to upload and also find to your account on Facebook.

How Do I View Videos On Facebook

Searching for Your Video Clips on Facebook
Facebook does not make it evident where to try to find your videos. Click on your name throughout the top.

After that, on your timeline, Click Images ...

... after that Cds ...

... and you must see one there labeled Video clips The 217-part of this screenshot is from my Uncle's because I don't have any videos posted.

Submit Those Videos
Initially a few notes ...

- You have to be the copyright owner. If you publish copyrighted product, the video clip will certainly be erased. If you continuously post copyrighted products, your Facebook account could be deleted. If you like a person's video, either share it, or just publish a connect to it.
- Video clips should be under 20 mins long as well as under 1GB in dimension
- Facebook seems to be able to deal with various formats like, flv, mp4, avi, and more ...

So, log into Facebook.

At the top of the page you'll see the alternative to Add Photos/Video. Clicking on that opens a box for you to find your videos on your disk drive.

Click on the video clip you wish to publish and afterwards on Open. This takes you back to Facebook as well as you'll see a thumbnail view in a box much like below:

Where it is created, Say something about this video clip ..., just click there as well as say something about your video-- date, event, who remains in it, factor for publishing, whatever you desire. You do not need to type anything there; this is optional.

You could set the video for Public watching, or just Friends, by clicking the button down by the Blue Message switch, or just click heaven Article button to upload it to Facebook.

If you change your mind prior to you upload, you might relocate your arrow over the Thumbnail View and also a small white 'X' shows up in the edge. Clicking that will remove it.

It's as easy as that. Incidentally, this is the same treatment for posting images, too.

I hope this serves to someone!!