How to Block Your Friends List On Facebook

How To Block Your Friends List On Facebook - Facebook is the globe's most preferred social media, and also with that comes a lots of problems. Not just do you have to take care of all the routine trolls you locate on the internet, however crazy exes, stalkers, and phony accounts planning to trick you are all long-term fixtures.

How To Block Your Friends List On Facebook

Thankfully, you can obstruct these kinds of users. Let's consider how.

What Does a Block Do?

When you obstruct somebody on Facebook:

They are not to see your messages or see your profile.
They cannot find your profile in search.
They can not message you with Facebook Messenger.
They cannot include you as a pal.
They can not jab you, identify you, welcome you to occasions or otherwise engage with you.
You immediately unfriend and also unfollow them.
If that sounds like what you desire, continue reading.

How to Block Someone on Facebook

To obstruct somebody on Facebook from your internet internet browser, go to their profile web page and touch the 3 dots on the bottom right edge of their Cover Picture.

Click Block.

Then click Confirm.

You can also obstruct someone by clicking the padlock icon in the top right and afterwards choosing Just how Do I Quit Somebody Bothering Me?

Enter their name and after that click Block.

To block somebody from the Facebook mobile app, the process is comparable. Go to their profile as well as tap A lot more. Tap Block and then Block once again.

You could also go to the Options screen as well as tap Personal privacy Shortcuts.

Again choose, Exactly how Do I Stop Someone Bothering Me?, go into the name of the person you want to block and tap Block.