How to Turn Off Video Autoplay In Facebook

How To Turn Off Video Autoplay In Facebook - Are videos autoplaying in your Facebook timeline frustrating you? Personally, I do not such as having video clips autoplay on anything. I've also disabled them on YouTube.

This morning, when I shared my article concerning ways to disable video clips on Twitter, my friend Sarah Bourne commented she wished Facebook had something comparable.

And she discovered Facebook does have a choice to disable videos for immediately playing. You can manage having videos autoplay or otherwise for the desktop computer internet browser as well as applications, except for one case.

How To Turn Off Video Autoplay In Facebook

Facebook Video Autoplay
Like Twitter, Facebook has enabled autoplay for video clips by default. Which could be precisely what you want; you like being able to check out videos immediately streaming in your News Feed.

Not so excellent when you check your phone bill, notice your data prepare maxed out, and also you've been billed added for going over your month-to-month information allocation.

How You Can Stop Videos from Autoplaying in Facebook
If you're annoyed by video clips playing instantly in your News Feed, you could transform the choice off.

However, similar to Twitter, switching off autoplay videos in Facebook is not a one-step procedure.

You'll need to disable video clip autoplay for every gadget you have actually Facebook set up. Right here's the best ways to do it.

Disable Facebook Autoplay on Desktop Browsers
1. Log in to Facebook
2. In the top food selection of Facebook, on the right, select the triangle symbol, as well as select Setups from the options (it's near all-time low of the listing of options).
3. In the left sidebar menu, select Videos.
4. In Auto-play Video clips, pick Off.

Disable Facebook Autoplay on Android
1. Open up the Facebook application.
2. Select the burger icon (three upright lines in the top menu).
3. In the Assistance & Setups section, select App Settings.
4. Select General.
5. Search for the Video clip plays instantly option and also select it.
6. Select Off.

Disable Facebook Autoplay on iphone
1. Open up the Facebook application.
2. Select the hamburger symbol (3 upright lines in the top menu).
3. In the Settings section, pick Videos > Autoplay.
4. Select Off.

Just what About That One Exception?
Keep in mind when I stated previously in this message that you can control Facebook video autoplay, other than in one situation?

When Sarah and I were talking regarding Facebook video autoplay options, she found the Opera internet browser, version 33.0.1990.115, doesn't provide the alternative to disable autoplay.

I looked online, but couldn't discover any type of information on why the alternative wasn't offered.

If you have any kind of understanding on why Opera doesn't supply Facebook video autoplay choices, share your info in the remarks. Both I would certainly love to understand!