Changing Profile Picture On Facebook

Changing Profile Picture On Facebook - I have actually made clear of my abhorrence for Facebook's user interface, which is equal components untidy, complicated, as well as outright maddening.

As an example, mean you intend to transform your account picture. Feels like the kind of option you could locate in, state, Account Settings. Nope, not there. Personal privacy Setups? Nuh-uh.

Well, perhaps if you click your name to open your profile, you'll locate the option there. Let's see ... no, there's absolutely nothing that says "change profile photo." Oh, below we go, I'll bet if you click Update Information ...

One more strike. Just what's that, now, four?

Changing Profile Picture On Facebook

This is yet one more of Facebook's unbelievably obscure settings that's in fact hiding in plain sight. (Previous offender: area sharing.) To transform your profile picture, do this:

1. Open your profile by clicking your name, either on the left side (below the Facebook logo) or the right edge of the toolbar up top.

2. Mouse over your current photo picture, click Edit Profile Photo, after that choose an option (Select from Photos, Upload Picture, Edit Thumbnail, and so on) from the drop-down menu that appears.

That's right! All this time, the option was right there-- offered you hovered your mouse in the ideal spot. Begin, Facebook, you can do better. (Quick note: If you happened to mount among the Facebook-photo-zoom devices I pointed out the other day, you might locate that the pop-up image covers the Edit Account Picture tool. Bleh.).

There is, unquestionably, an additional way to deal with this. If you wish to transform a picture that's already in your Facebook library into your profile image, you could-- yet, once more, discovering the option can be maddening unless you know where to look.

Discover the image you desire, after that click it to raise the full-size variation in its own window. Now, see that small gear symbol in the upper-right corner? Click it, and then select Make Profile Image. Why there's not a switch for this alongside Tag Picture, Include Place, and so on is past me.

Does this exacerbate you as high as it does me? Or do you believe I'm being overly severe? Either way, share your ideas in the remarks!