Facebook Banner Sizes

Facebook Banner Sizes - Facebook has actually had a recent revamp that has included the timeline/profile image design for individual pages shifting about once more. This message and the complimentary download have actually been updated to show this modification.

This article informs you specifically what the measurements in pixels are for your Facebook cover image (in regard to your account image) for both your very own individual profile and also your brand name or service web page. Since yes, they are different.

It IS hard to monitor precisely what the measurements are for the Facebook timeline line-up. This is partially due to the fact that Facebook keep on changing the bloody sizes by occasionally actually a pixel each time.

What made it also worse is that I made a custom 'cover' and 'account' combo the other day which took a little time, just to locate it didn't rest right on my individual profile (although it sat penalty on my follower page). I had actually gone as well as made use of the incorrect measurements, as I hadn't also realised that there were two sets, I had actually just thought that the dimensions would be global for all facebook web pages. I was fairly peeved.

Facebook Banner Sizes

So, this is where I believed I would certainly take the time to simulated up some dimension guides for anyone out there seeking them, for both Facebook Profiles AND ALSO Facebook Pages.

- WEB PAGE-- The dimensions for your Facebook business, solution, follower etc page:

Quick introduction of WEB PAGE dimensions:

- Cover picture-- 851 x 315 pixels
- Account photo-- 160 x 160 pixels
- Profile image with boundary-- 170 x 170 pixels (boundary is 5 pixels large right around with the outer pixel a transparent dark grey).
- Distance in between left of cover image and the profile image boundary-- 23 pixels.
- Distance between right of cover image as well as the profile picture border-- 658 pixels.
- Range from the top of the account image to the bottom of the cover image-- 104 pixels.
- Distance from the top of the profile photo to the top of the cover image-- 211 pixels.

- PROFILE-- The measurements for your personal personal account:.

Quick overview of ACCOUNT dimensions:.

- Cover image-- 851 x 315 pixels.
- Account picture-- 160 x 160 pixels.
- Profile image with border-- 170 x 170 pixels (border is 5 pixels large completely around with the outer pixel a transparent dark grey).
- Distance between left of cover image and also the profile image border-- 15 pixels.
- Distance in between right of cover photo and the account photo boundary-- 666 pixels.
- Range from the top of the account photo to the bottom of the cover photo-- 142 pixels.
- Range from the top of the profile image to the top of the cover photo-- 173 pixels.

It deserves keeping in mind some indicate clarify a few concerns I stumbled upon while researching this:.

- Pictures submitted for your account photo need to amount to or larger than 180 x 180 pixels, yet Facebook shrinks them to 160 x 160 pixels.
- You could locate it easier to just produce a new.PSD or other file with measurements over 180 x 180 pixels and paste in and also enlarge the picked Profile Picture picture and also simply enlarge it a little (I have the tendency to enlarge the whole layout and then shrink the cover picture!).

I actually do hope this is located beneficial by others as I know my life would certainly have been made a lot easier if this kind of thing was conveniently available (Yeah Facebook, I'm considering YOU).

Download the Illustrator AND Photoshop Facebook Timeline Cover as well as Profile Picture measurement templates here: (the content is complimentary, save for a basic like of the ColourCrime facebook page, exactly what could be less complex??).

[like-to-dl theme=" blue" url=" http://www.colourcrime.com/dropbox/Facebook_Page_And_Profile_Templates_Illustrator_And_Photoshop.zip" like_url=" http://www.facebook.com/thisiscolourcrime" message=" Click Like to Beginning Your Download and install!"]

I understand some might choose to operate in Photoshop for something like this, if there is enough passion I will publish a Photoshop layout file for download as well.

Much love,.