How Do I Merge Facebook Pages

How Do I Merge Facebook Pages - I have an additional post on integrating as well as combining Facebook web pages right here-- with videos-- but as you know, Facebook modifications points A GREAT DEAL, so as opposed to puzzle you or squander your time with obsolete information, I thought I 'd make a new blog post about this.

So now, if you have multiple Facebook pages for your organizations-- you ca merge the two (or three or four) web pages !!

Bear in mind, this is for combining 2 PAGES. If you have a profile/timeline or a group, these guidelines typically aren't for you. There is presently no other way to convert a group into a page, yet you COULD now transform your Facebook account right into a web page!

There are 2 ways to combine your web pages. Allow's start with the initial and also most basic one. If this does NOT work for you, simply most likely to alternative 2!

If your web pages satisfy the best criteria-- they were both developed by you, they have the very same name, as well as at least one is a "place" web page, after that you might have the ability to have Facebook immediately merge your web pages for you with one click of a button!

How Do I Merge Facebook Pages

To see if you can, go to your page (you have to be a page admin to do this) as well as click on "edit page" in the upper right corner.

Then click on "resources" on the left column. If you see "Merge duplicate pages" as an option, after that you're gold! Simply comply with the instructions there to combine your pages (it will certainly offer you a list of pages that are eligible to merge).

If you DON'T have this option, or the pages it checklists are not the ones you intend to merge, don't worry. There is one more way!

Method 2 for Merging Facebook Pages

The first thing you have to provide for option 2 is accumulate the URLs of your Facebook pages that you wish to merge with each other. The FULL URL-- that's the part in the address bar, the part along with every little thing that comes after the/.

Open a word paper or something and copy and also paste the LINK of the web page you wish to MAINTAIN, first. Make certain you maintain that straight! You're mosting likely to need to inform Facebook "this is the page I wish to maintain, as well as these are the web page( s) I want to merge into that web page." (I'm mosting likely to refer to this as your "caretaker" web page).

( I suggest copying and also pasting in this manner. You might write it down on a paper, however these URLs are sometimes kind of long, as well as you do not want to get one letter incorrect as well as mess it up).

Next, duplicate the URLs of the pages you want to combine right into the major one. Keep those someplace, too.

See to it that you have actually obtained whatever off of those pages you intend to maintain, such as images, videos, endorsements, messages, and so on. The ONLY thing that will certainly be saved from these web pages will be your fans-- they will merge as well as integrate with the fans of your "keeper" page. Every little thing else will vanish and also you could not get it back.

The best ways to do it

Now you need to send out a demand to Facebook to combine your pages. You should do this while you are logged into the account that is an admin on your "caretaker" web page. (NOTE: If you do NOT have a personal Facebook account-- just a service account that only manages your web pages-- this WILL CERTAINLY NOT FUNCTION. You need to be visited as a genuine individual on Facebook with a personal account).

They have made this MUCH simpler, as you recognize if you enjoyed my old tutorial on this subject! Simply most likely to this LINK to send the demand to combine your Facebook pages. Just select (from the fall menu) your "keeper" web page, and afterwards the others you want to merge into it. They call these "inauthentic" web pages, yet it doesn't always mean that. It could imply "additional" pages, or "web pages I developed by chance" or "pages that an old volunteer produced" or whatever benefits you!

Just submit your type and struck Submit. it could take a number of hrs to a couple of days to get a feedback. (please blog post back here and also inform us how much time it took you to obtain an action so individuals will certainly have a suggestion!).

Bear in mind that if you are merging 3 pages, and also each had 500 fans, you won't always obtain 1500 fans once it's all said as well as done, due to the fact that some individuals could have been fans of all 3 web pages. Yet all your fans WILL integrate to be followers of your one "keeper" web page.