How to Delete Facebook Contacts From My Phone

How To Delete Facebook Contacts From My Phone - Numerous iOS customers are searching for solutions on how to remove/unsync unwanted Facebook buddies from their apple iphone's call checklists. They may have gone through various sites, videos and also discussion forums. Every person appears to have an answer but there doesn't appear to be an universal remedy. The tutorial listed below reveals some remedies that appear to be the most prominent and help most of users with acceptable results.

How To Delete Facebook Contacts From My Phone


This very first method is a basic option for those that have the iPhone 3gs, apple iphone 4, apple iphone Fours, or 5 and have upgraded to iphone 6:

1. Go to Setups on the apple iphone.

2. Scroll down to Facebook option and select it.

3. Look through the selections up until you see 'Get in touches with', which is under the area 'Allow These Apps to Use Your Account'. Select that alternative and also merely slide the tag to the 'OFF' setting, which need to look like this:

Once you have actually completed these actions, you ought to see your contact listing return to its pre-Facebook state.

Other Method:
If you haven't upgraded and also you're still utilizing a previous apple iphone version (apple iphone 2g as well as 3g) and also those who have iOS 5.1 listed below, this could be the method for you:

1. On the apple iphone, launch the Facebook app.
2. Once there, select 'Buddies'.
3. Next, tap the 'sync' switch on the leading right of the page.
4. Locate 'sync calls' and switch off syncing.

When you have actually done that, every one of the call info that was synced by Facebook when you attached on your apple iphone will certainly be gone - leaving your original contact listing undamaged.

Various Other Things You Need To Know:
- In all these situations, please bear in mind to restart the apple iphone in order for the modification to occur.
- It can spend some time for Facebook to respond to what you have done. Offer your phone a couple of minutes to lots and also your contacts need to be back to typical.

Depending upon exactly what you desire do, either eliminating all Facebook buddies totally or simply unsyncing Facebook additions from your iPhone's contact list, the steps taken can be in different ways. They can likewise depend upon exactly what variation of the apple iphone you use and more significantly what iphone version you use as the apple iphone format modifications.