How to Find My Facebook Url

How To Find My Facebook Url - Every profile on Facebook has a distinct URL, similar to various other pages on the net. This LINK may be a name or label, or it may be a string of random-looking personalities; regardless, it will take a web browser directly to the profile page it represents. You could get a person's Facebook URL just by mosting likely to his account and checking your browser's present location, or by searching in the Call Information area of his account info.

In order to link the social media sites symbols in your email, you'll should know the best ways to find your one-of-a-kind social networks URLs. This way, when someone clicks the symbol in your e-mail, they'll be taken straight to that social networks page. We'll reveal you ways to locate the LINK for your Facebook profile or organisation page. This very same technique can be made use of for any kind of social networks web page.

Note: If the page is concealed from the general public, you won't be able to duplicate the LINK complying with the steps below.

How To Find My Facebook Url

Step: Find your Facebook individual profile url
The first thing you should do is Visit to Facebook, or ensure you are already logged in. You'll require a Facebook account, so if you do not have one (what? some individuals do not have Facebook accounts?), you'll have to first register and also produce an account.

If you're not visited, it will resemble this

As soon as you're logged in, browse to your personal account page LINK. You do this by clicking on your personal name, in the upper left of the screen:

Copy your URL out of the internet browser address bar: