How to Make Your Pictures Private On Facebook

How To Make Your Pictures Private On Facebook - Facebook recently changed this personal privacy setup (without telling anybody, of course), and also now your main profile photo is always clickable by any person, even if they're not a pal. While strangers formerly saw only a 160-by-160-pixel variation of your profile image-- large sufficient for them to determine if they recognized you, yet small enough to keep them from doing anything questionable with it-- now they can see the entire thing.

I do not like this change, although Facebook has added some personal privacy preventative measures (for instance, if you establish your picture to "Only Me," strangers won't be able to see sort, comments or image information connected with the photo-- simply the photo itself). So, if you want to maintain your profile pictures as private as they can be, here's exactly what you need to do.

How To Make Your Pictures Private On Facebook

Change the individual personal privacy settings of your present as well as previous account photos

By default, all your account photos are public. In other words, not just can complete strangers check out the full-size variation of your present image, they also could flip as well as previous account pictures that you haven't deleted in their full-size glory.

To change this, open each profile image and most likely to Modify, click the personal privacy switch, and also under Who should see this?, pick Even more Options then click Just Me. You should do this independently for every image in the album, including your current profile photo.

- What strangers see if you do not have your account picture set to "Only Me" personal privacy.

If you leave your existing profile photo set to Public, after that complete strangers will have the ability to see sort, comments, captions, as well as other picture data, such as location as well as tags.

- Exactly what strangers see if you do have your account picture readied to "Just Me" privacy.

If you transform it to Just Me, they will see just the image as well as absolutely nothing else.