How to Remove Comments From Facebook

How To Remove Comments From Facebook - Wish to know the best ways to remove a discuss Facebook? Examine our guide-- Windows and Android directions consisted of!

We have actually all composed a Facebook comment that we later wanted to have removed. In some cases it could take place that you mistakenly upload one remark twice because of a lag or bad net connection. Whatever the case, we have actually all existed at a specific point. For that reason, it would certainly be useful if you know ways to remove the unwanted remark from the blog post you commented on. In the adhering to overview, we will certainly reveal you 2 approaches on exactly how you can do that both on your COMPUTER and also on your Android tool. It is easy, simple and can be carried out in no time at all.

How To Remove Comments From Facebook

Method 1: If you have just created the remark that you intend to have actually removed, and also you still have the message you discussed open in your web browser, use this technique.

1. Discover your remark in the comment area.
2. Float your arrow over it as well as you ought to see a tiny arrowhead to the right of the remark that is aiming downwards.
3. Click that arrow as well as a drop-down menu should appear.
4. If you intend to outright delete the remark, select erase.

5. In case you want to simply edit it, click on Edit as well as after you are done, hit Get in.

Method 2: Through your Activity Log
1. Locate a tiny arrowhead directing downwards at the top-right edge of your display on any kind of Facebook web page (as long as you are logged on in your Facebook account).
2. From the drop-down list, pick Activity Log.

3. On the following web page, scroll through your current Facebook activities up until you find the comment you intend to erase.
- Pointer: If you don't feel like browsing every single recent task, press Ctrl+ F and type a part of the comment that you bear in mind specifically the means you created it. Your internet browser ought to instantly scroll to the remark you want to erase.
4. Click on the tiny pen/pencil symbol right next to the remark activity.
5. Click Erase and also the remark will be erased.

On Android
The techniques described right here are practically the like they are for PC, only carried out from the Android User interface.

Method 1: If you still have actually the commented article open inside your web browser or Facebook app.

1. Find your comment.
2. Faucet on the choice identified More, situated right below the remark.
3. Select Delete or Edit, relying on just what you wish to do.

4. If you preferred to edit your remark, merely pick Update after you are done modifying.

Method 2: Via the Task Log
1. Faucet on the symbol with 3 parallel, horizontal lines that lies at the top-right edge of your display when you are inside your Facebook.
2. In the resulting food selection, swipe down up until you reach Activity Log then touch on it.

3. Find the remark you intend to have deleted.
4. Tap on the little arrow next to it.
5. Select Erase.

And there you have it, the comment you wanted to delete is no longer there.