Dimensions Of Facebook Banner

Dimensions Of Facebook Banner - Facebook has had a current overhaul that has actually included the timeline/profile picture layout for personal pages changing around again. This message as well as the cost-free download have been upgraded to reflect this adjustment.

This article tells you exactly just what the dimensions in pixels are for your Facebook cover image (in connection with your profile image) for both your own personal profile and also your brand name or solution page. Since of course, they are various.

It IS hard to keep an eye on exactly what the measurements are for the Facebook timeline line-up. This is partially because Facebook continue altering the bloody dimensions by sometimes literally a pixel at a time.

What made it even worse is that I made a customized 'cover' and also 'profile' combo the other day which took a little time, only to find it really did not sit exactly on my personal profile (although it sat fine on my follower web page). I had actually gone as well as used the incorrect measurements, as I hadn't even became aware that there were 2 sets, I had just thought that the dimensions would certainly be universal for all facebook web pages. I was fairly peeved.

Dimensions Of Facebook Banner

So, this is where I thought I would make the effort to mock up some dimension overviews for anybody around seeking them, for both Facebook Profiles AND Facebook Pages.

- WEB PAGE-- The dimensions for your Facebook business, service, fan etc web page:

Quick overview of WEB PAGE measurements:

- Cover photo-- 851 x 315 pixels
- Account photo-- 160 x 160 pixels
- Account picture with border-- 170 x 170 pixels (border is 5 pixels wide completely around with the outer pixel a see-through dark grey).
- Range between left of cover image as well as the account photo border-- 23 pixels.
- Distance in between right of cover photo as well as the profile photo border-- 658 pixels.
- Range from the top of the account picture to the bottom of the cover image-- 104 pixels.
- Range from the top of the account photo to the top of the cover image-- 211 pixels.

- PROFILE-- The dimensions for your very own personal account:.

Quick introduction of ACCOUNT dimensions:.

- Cover photo-- 851 x 315 pixels.
- Account photo-- 160 x 160 pixels.
- Account image with boundary-- 170 x 170 pixels (boundary is 5 pixels wide completely around with the outer pixel a translucent dark grey).
- Distance in between left of cover photo and the profile photo border-- 15 pixels.
- Range in between right of cover image and the account photo boundary-- 666 pixels.
- Range from the top of the account picture to the bottom of the cover photo-- 142 pixels.
- Range from the top of the profile image to the top of the cover image-- 173 pixels.

It deserves keeping in mind some points to clarify a few issues I came across while researching this:.

- Photos published for your profile image should amount to or larger compared to 180 x 180 pixels, yet Facebook diminishes them to 160 x 160 pixels.
- You may discover it simpler to just create a new.PSD or various other data with measurements above 180 x 180 pixels as well as paste in and also expand the picked Profile Picture picture and also simply enlarge it slightly (I have the tendency to increase the size of the entire template and after that reduce the cover image!).

I really do wish this is found valuable by others as I recognize my life would certainly have been made a whole lot much easier if this example was readily offered (Yeah Facebook, I'm looking at YOU).

Download the Illustrator AND ALSO Photoshop Facebook Timeline Cover as well as Profile Photo measurement themes right here: (the web content is cost-free, save for a straightforward like of the ColourCrime facebook page, what could be simpler??).

[like-to-dl theme=" blue" url=" http://www.colourcrime.com/dropbox/Facebook_Page_And_Profile_Templates_Illustrator_And_Photoshop.zip" like_url=" http://www.facebook.com/thisiscolourcrime" message=" Click Want To Beginning Your Download!"]

I realise some could prefer to operate in Photoshop for something like this, if there is enough rate of interest I will certainly upload a Photoshop theme file for download too.

Much love,.